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We find love, you and I
It's a new game to play
Then we tell our first lie
And see a love go away

And we find
We're alone

We rush on, you and I
We don't need love at all
We need thrills, we need speed
And we stumble and fall

And we find
We're alone

We're loyal, you and I
To flowers that are dead
We forget how to cry
And save photos instead

And we find
We're alone

We hear guns, you and I
And we ask what is that
Then we open The Times
We're informed where it's at

And we find
We're alone

We're moral you and I
We stand for what's right
We slaughter our evil bygones

And in life
We find we're alone

We're lucky, you and I
We're alive and secure
But in the bank and the church
We can never be sure

And we find
We're alone

We've made it, you and I
We have glory and fame
But we never know why
We feel so ashamed

And we find
We're alone

We've power, you and I
But what good is that now?
We'd build a new world
If we only knew how

And we find
We're alone

We are old you and I
We beg warmth from the sun
In the dreams that we dream
We ask, "What have we done?"

And we find
We're alone

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