This is based on a poem by William Buchanan called Be Kind. Special thanks to him for letting me adapt it into a song

Be kind to crawling caterpillars on damp grass
Be kind to slimy snakes and leeches multiplying fast
Be kind to stubborn dandelions,thorns and burrs
And flea-infested alley cats who don't know how to purr

Be kind to all the croaking, creeping,
Leaping, stinging, beings
Look deep into your heart
And let it carry you on wings of

Be kind to loud mouthed in-laws, dead beat dads
And piercing tattooed teenagers dressed in black
Be kind to politicians who want to shake your hand
And terrorist fanatics living off the land

Be kind to all the thieving, cheating,
Killing human beings
Look deep into their eyes
And in that moment there will be

Crude is surface, just have patience
Sinners will in time become saints
Watch for wild and willing angels
They will touch you with BIG LOVE

It's bigger than a sunrise
Bigger than the air
If you give away your grievances
You'll find it everywhere

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Written by: Margo Hennebach / Mark Saunders. Isn't this right? Let us know.