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I'll Never Find Someone Like You.

Keith Martin

V: Girl you took my breath away and went out with someone new.
I'd rather be here with you, baby forever. My heart belongs toyou
'cause I think about you all the time. You know my love is true
when were together. I played around girl and I made you cry.
When I looked up you were saying good-bye. I'm begging you
please. I need you so bad. Don't leave me now you're best thing
I've got.

Ch: I'll never, I'll never find someone like you. I promise it'strue
no I'll never, I'll never find someone like you. 'cause I lovethe
way that you hold. Girl I won't no I won't let you go. Noonecould
ever do the way I would make love to you, oh.

V: All I have is just my heart and my feelings I gave to you.That's
all that I can do is give you forever.And oh, you don't knowthat
you're hurtin' me. 'Cause it's not just a sexual thang. I wantto
share my dreams with you forever. Girl I'm afraid just to giveall
my love. My hearts tellin' me to hold back on my love. But when
you get close I just want you to know, I start to get weak andI
can't let you go.

Ch:(To fade.)

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