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I Think Of You All Of The Time.

Keith Martin

V: As I think about the past I can see all the love that weshared
you and me. Do I stand alone with all my memories? Or confess
my heart and so desprately. Knowing that you're not here with
now. I will try to make it somehow. Mending a broken heart Ifind
you're still deep inside.

Ch: I think of you all the time. And I can't get you out of mymind.
Now that I'm on my own, when I sit alone, thoughts of you
stumble on my mind. That's why I think of you all of the time.

V: No matter how far the distance. May be. I carry thoughts of
you deep inside my heart. Oh yeah. There is nothing more that
I want then to have you right here instead of crying at night.The
stars are my tears. Remembering the good times that we had.
And making you smile when things made you sad. All of things
that I gave to you, I can't believe that we're through.

Ch: (To fade.)

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