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It's My Time

Martina McBride

Red sun sittin' on the road behind her
A hundred miles out of her hometown
Drops a quarter in a beat up pay phone
Listens to it rattle on down
Voices cold as the phone she's holding
The connections way too clear
He's yelling "where's my dinner"
She's too far gone to care
She says a listen here


There's a time to stand and the time is now or never
A time to fly, to let go forever
A time to grow, and a time to discover
Life is precious every second
You've wasted mine and it's my time

She puts a few more miles between them
He pours a distance of his own
Starts talking to the bottle
It's all thats left now she's gone
He rages on 'till the national anthem
Come on his TV
Then he looks straight at he bottle
And says you did this to me
And then he screams

Repeat Chorus

Its my time, its my time, its my time
And time is what you make it
Its my time, its my time, its my time
And time is what you're taking

Repeat Chorus

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Written by: Billy Crain / Kim Tribble / Tammy Hyler. Isn't this right? Let us know.


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