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People tell me my life was pre destined
From my life, others shall learn a lesson
Born a leader with the world on my shoulders
Age is young but my mind is much older
Living up to everyones expectations
Condenmed me to a world of demnation
I gotta clear these voices from my head
All these opinionated noises
Listen to the voice of my creator
Opens door to a path much greater
On this path the days drawn nearer
Where I can be happy, finally happy

Searching for my destiny
A search for what makes me happy
Instead what others thought of me
I gotta be happy, finally happy

Time to broaden my horizons
Come out from the dark and open up my eyes and
Start to define my destiny
Experience what life can really be
No longer concerned with your opinion
All of my life I've had dominion
I'm stronger now than before
I'm sure I could be so much more
Now what you thought I would be
Cause I'm gonna be happy yeah
I'm gonna be happy, finally you see

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Compuesta por: Benny Benjamin / Brian Reeves / Gloria Caldwell / Mary J. Blige / Sol Marcus. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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