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24 Hours To Live


I want you to ask yourself one question
If you had 24 hours to live .. what would you do
thats some deep shit right there
alot of pressure, how would you handle it ?
Mase .. what would you do ??

I'd turn all of the hoes to heterosexuals
smack conceited niggas right off their pedestool
I'd even look for my dad that I never knew
and show him how I look and my beretta too
I'd do good shit like take kids from the ghetto
and show them what they could have if they never settle
take every white kid from high class level
show them what christmas is like run up in the ghetto
teach niggas how to spend, stash the rest
give blunts to them niggas under massive stress
give every bum on the street cash to invest
and hope harlem world blow up
any last requests

(1 lox)
yo, if I had 24 hours to kick the bucket, fuck it
I'd probably eat some fried chicken,
and drink a Nantucket
then go get a job and grants, son
and make sure i leave my mother the money
to take care of grandson
load the 3 power, hop in the Eddie Beuer
and go give all 6 to that pop who sold me flouer
get a fresh Barbie, make a few calls
shop at the mall, shoot a little ball
have all of my bitches in one telly
at the same time spread it out on different floors
and I'm gonna play lotto, for what ?
even though I aint gonna be here tomorrow
so what, so what

(Black Rob)
You know when I was close to the ledge
id probably be in the west, with this bad Spanish mommy
right in between my legs, then im off to get coke
and smoke one of them dreads, get that bitch some 89
and whats up to the feds
thought of momma, wrote her a note
we aint close, dont like her boyfriend
so I'll put one in his throat
fuck around, sniff a ounce of raw
bust some (??), of course pull out my dick
and take a piss on the floor
jump in the whip, get them cats I wanted to get
since the tavern on the green robbery in 86'
went home took a shower, in ice cold water
and spend my last hours with my son and my daughter

(Puffy) CHORUS
if you had 24 hours to live just think
where would you go, what would you do
who would you screw?
and who would you wanna notify
or would your ass deny that yo ass about to die

(2 Lox)
what, aiyo, if I had 24, nigga gotta get the raw
run all in popee's spot
put one in his head at the door
for the times that i payed for 20 and he gave me 12
the other 8 had to be baking soda by itself
so pappi fuck you, you dead now im off to the bank
with those bricks in a book bag, a stolen Jag I just grabbed
run in there, grab the bank teller with the pretty face,
fuck her in the safe, and have her take me to my place
for my son to have the same shit his pops just had
and when im down to 23, ima be strapped in TNT
run up in City Hall and take the judges with me

(3 Lox)
24 hours to live, I'd probably die on the 5th
run in the station squeezing the inf
i'be waitin' to get to hell and bust down Satan
styles on his shed, got (???)
back to the 24, im shoot niggas that i hate
in their face while they eatin'
on the job robbing every so called Don
give the money to my mom and tell her that I'm gone
i would school my little brother that niggas mean no harm
you should learn to tell the future without reading palms
when they come shootin bullets you prepared with the bomb
so fuck being violent, get stocks and bonds

24 left, until my death, I'm gonna waist alot of lives
but I'll cherish every breath
I already know where I'm going, but ima send you there 1st
and with the shit that I be doing, ima send you there worse
I been living with a curse, but now its all bout to end
bout before I go say hello to my little friend
but I gots to make it right, make at side with my mother
try to explain to my son, to my girl I love her
see (??) under the coat, snatch up my dog
turn three buildings of wallstreet into a fog
out with a bang you will remember my name
I wanted to live forever but this was a thang


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