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Across the Border


Uh, uh
It was the middle of June, me and my grand mama
Had some free time, flew to Panama
I was playin' the bar, sippin' a Margarita
When this chick from Argentina, her name Armenita
She told me you could make some fast cash
You help me change my name from Vasquez to your name
Take me to your domain
Trick, you must be out yo' brain
She said it's no game, my pops got tons of cocaine
And you could have some if you get me on your plane
I said here the dealie, you sound silly
Think hard, there gotta be another way to get you a green card

Hey ma, you wanna go wit' me?
I promise you, we gon' see the world
It 'id be like paradise, baby

Rosalie you don't know who I suppose to be
But whatever you wanna be? You can come go wit' me
Her last thoughts thinking I'mma get her a passport
Whatever you need ma, just ask for it
Now she lunch meat, she look at J like she home free

J, can you really get me in your country?

[Sugar J]
No lie, I can do whatever I mo' tie, so fly
Mami started offering me chochas
Certainly the way she flirt wit' me
If I get her in the US she work for free
Though she nice to me, I'm runnin' twice the G
For the right price, she could be a wife to me

1 - Hey ma, you wanna go wit' me?
I promise you, we gon' see the world
It 'id be like paradise, baby

2 - Hey girl, you wanna go wit' me?
I promise you, we gon' see the world
But if you cross me, you lost me forever, baby

[Blinky Blink]
I got a girl out in Asia, name Malaysia
Who was a real bad chick that owns a Bodega
She wanted me to save her and make her life greater
Cuz her dad hates her and rapes her
She tried to get some paper
When you wanna leave, I'mma take ya
In fact, pack ya things, I got a crib in Jamaica
Mami, mi casa a su casa
We could do the salsa so, que pasa?
She said she had money but it was all in trust funds
But I could get a lump sum if I can get her through customs
So bring the cake, we gon' swing outta state
I'mma make you dream when you awake
Yo Loon, sing the break, what

Repeat 1

[Huddy Combs]
In the middle of Nicaragua, met a mami named Talia
Weren't plain, then I caught a boat wit' this dumb dame
An immigrant, marry her, make her legitimate
Illiterate, mess wit' Hud, she don't consider it
She said pa, llevame contigo
Lean dough and I'mma pay yo' peoples
This retard chick started looking at me hard
She gassed up thinkin' I'mma get her a green card
And she don't know that she ain't coming wit' me
And I don't stuck up for some hundreds of G's
And while I see her standing there lookin' around
Huddy took the money, slid outta town, what? uh?!

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Compuesta por: Al Hudson / J. Colon / Mason Betha. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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