Baby I've been thinking as I watch you sleep
I wonder what you're dreaming the secrets
That you keep
I know we've had our problems
Had different points of view
But this I say of you

Girl you make me feel like a man
When I'm with you I know who I am
Girl you make me feel like a man
Like no other woman can
Like no woman can
Like no other woman

Girl it's never easy you take it day by day
Sometimes you keep on looking
To find the words to say
But baby there'll be good times
Our love will see us through
These words I say are true


You know sometimes we fight
'Bout who's wrong or right
But to me that's only love
But if I thought someday we couldn't live this way
Don't let it be misunderstood


Girl since I've been loving you
I know there could be no other woman
Girl you know it's true you make me feel
Like no other woman can

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