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What's The Difference

Scott McKenzie

Hey friend, wake up
I'm throwin ' rocks at your windowpane
Get out of bed, I got somethin' to say
Pack up a toothbrush, sneak down your stairway
You got no reason you should stay

Hey what's the difference if we don't come back?
Who's gonna miss us in a year or so?
Nobody knows us for the dreams we've been dreamin'
So what's the difference if we go?

But don't tell your friends
They ain't quite through sleepin yet
They'll wake soon enough and prob'ly start to cry
Cause you left behind all the dreams they had for you
But don't worry, someday they'll know why

I have followed your journey
From the beauty of childhood
To uniforms of flowers that you wear like some disguise
Until you can't hear them when soft songs are sung to you
You're sleepin on a featherbed of lies

Can't you see the two of us on the horizon
Our silhouettes so black against the sun
Hand in hand, no more compromisin'
Doin' things that no one's ever done

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