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Stay Or Let It Go

Brian McKnight

What's up girl
I need to talk to you for a minute
I can't keep playin' myself like this
There's only one thing I wanna know
Should I stay, or should I go?

It's not my fault that you made yourself
A regretful past
But all I know is it makes me look bad
When I'm holding your hand and you see
Old friends you knew
And they walk away laughing calling me a fool
Now baby I can't change the things you did before we met
Even though I didn't know you
But it's hard for me to trust you even though girl I love you
So tell me what am I to do

Don't know if we will last
And if we do last can I erase the past
Girl can you tell me I don't know
Should I stay or let it go
Don't know if we're meant to be
And if we should be can you live faithfully
Girl can you tell me I don't know
Should I stay or let it go

I think of the night that I made reservations just for two
But you gave your attention to someone across the room
I should of known right then that things just weren't right
But I couldn't see it 'cause love had me so blind

Now tell me how can I be so secure in loving you
When everybody's calling me a fool
I can't keep holdin' on to broken promises from you
I can't take no more from you


Baby time and time again I tried to overlook the pain
Couldn't think of losing all we had to gain
Girl if it takes me losing you for happiness in me
I think that I might just have to let you go
Don't know

So you like playin' those games huh
I'ma see how you do
When I walk out the door
I'm out

Chorus out

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Compuesta por: Brian McKnight / Fred Jenkins III / Harvey Mason, Jr. / LaShawn Daniels / Rodney Jerkins. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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