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Somebody That You Used To Love

McLauchlin Murray

Suddenly the walls around you crumble
And all of your defences start to fail
Someone that you thought was just a memory
Come back to remind you that you failed
Someone to remind you what a fool you used to be
Someone that you're always thinking of
Why does you're heart beat a little faster?
When you see somebody that you used to love

Well love is not the gentlest of obsessions
Not too many get the chance to know
You get to count yourself among the lucky
You have felt the fire and the cold
You swear you're going to watch yourself
The next time
One day when you've finally had enough
But all your resolutions get so shaky
When you see somebody that you used to love

Well if you had a nickel for each moment
That love has kept you staring at the ground
Between the wide Atlantic and Pacific
You would be the richest fool around
You can see the old wound
Hidden underneath the scars
Like you know a hand is hid
Beneath a glove
It still gives you away
When your fever starts to raise
When you see somebody
That you used to love
When you see somebody
That you used to love

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