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People smile and tell me i´m a lucky one
and we´ve just begun,think i´m gonna have a son
he will be like she and me as free as a dove
conceived in love the sun is gonna shine above

even though i ain´t got money i´m so in love with ya honey
everything will bring a chain of love
in the morning when i rise,bring a tear of joy to my eyes
tell me everything´s gonna be alright

pisces,virgo rising is a very good sign
strong and kind and the little boy is mine
now i see a family where there once was none
now we´ve just begun yeah we´re gonna fly to the sun

(repeat chorus)

love the girl who holds the world in a paper cup
come on and drink it up,love her and she´ll bring you luck
if you find she helps your mind,better take her home
don´t you live alone,try to earn what lovers own, go!

(repeat chorus)

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