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No one hears a word I say
And my prayers are never answered
But you'll never see the pain inside of me
Stabbing me over and over and over
I trusted you and I loved you
And you spit back in my face

How could you do this to me?
When will you stop trying to hurt me?
I've walked a minefield for you
A career in hell with you
I have made it through the things

Others would surely die just watching
And the oath I take on this day
Is to know that you will be repaid
One day the sun will die and the night will crawl
Until then, until I see your world implode
I wish you death and suffering

Misery to spare
Time to release your pain
Face the last enemy
I am the last thing you will know
The last thing you will see
I see your death surrounding me
I know you, yes, I do
I know you

When no words are spoken and please are ignored
Your tears go unnoticed, will you say enough?
When prayers are unanswered and your calls are unheard
The pain cuts right through you, have you seen enough?
It all seems so deceitful and the verdict is lies
A black cloud of indecision compromised your life

When judgement has failed you
When your own heart's impaled you
Your wandering mind has destroyed you
Will you ever know when?
When you give everything and the feeling is gone
All the giving is fake, did you fake enough?
When you take everything and you stay too long
When there's nothing left, did you take enough?

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Written by: Dave Mustaine. Isn't this right? Let us know.