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Capitol Punishment: the Megadeth Years

De Megadeth • 2000 - 15 canciones

  • #
  • Kill The King
  • Dread And The Fugitive Mind
  • Peace Sells (Peace Sells...But Who s Buying)
  • In My Darkest Hour (So Far, So Good, So What)
  • Holy Wars
  • Hangar 18 (Rust In Peace)
  • Symphony Of Destruction (Countdown To Extinction)
  • Sweating Bulletsn (Countdown To Extinction)
  • TRain Of Consequences (Youthanasia)
  • A Tout Le Monde (Youthanasia)
  • Trust (Cryptic Writings)
  • Almost Honest (Crryptic Writings)
  • Use The Man (Cryptic Writings)
  • Crush 'Em
  • Capitol Punishment (New)