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You Set Me Free

Michelle Branch

Can't you see?
There's a feeling that's come over me
Close my eyes
You're the only one that leaves me
Completely breathless

No need to wonder why
Sometimes a gift like this you can't deny

Cause I wanted to fly
So you gave me your wings
And time held it's breath so I could see CHORUS
And you set me free

There's a will
There's a way
Sometimes words just can't explain
This is real
I'm afraid
I guess this time there's just no hiding
You make me restless

You're in my heart
The only light that shines
There in the dark


When I was alone
You came around
When I was down
You pulled me through
And there's nothing that
I wouldn't do for you


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Written by: John Shanks / Michelle Branch. Isn't this right? Let us know.