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I've said my goodbyes
Made no excuse
I'm not in this game
to win or to loose
But you, I pity you fool
unable to see
the wedge that's been driven
between you and me

We've played our last scene
danced our last dance
your story goes on
but our chapter ends
And you, don't have a clue
what you've put me through
I made up my mind
gotta leave you behind

Tears make it hard to see
that I'm just a memory

Too blind to see
You're too blind to see
Too blind to see the signs
Too blind to see
You're to blind to see
That I'm leaving you behind
So open your eyes
open your eyes
can't you see I'm not in love
So open your eyes
open your eyes
just one look is enough
too blind to see.

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Written by: Filip Vandueren / Regi Penxten. Isn't this right? Let us know.