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Milk Inc.

Remember when
We still had memories to share
But that was then
Seems like they've vanished in thin air

Imagine How
It 'd been if our eyes never met
But this is now
I'm stuck with dreams you never had

Ship has stranded
We'll set sail for different seas
Water splashing
Waves come crashing
And erase the memories

I'll forget all the heartaches
I'll forget all of your mistakes
I'll forget, I'll move on
I can finally walk away

Remember when
There still was kindness in your way
But then again
I must have been an easy prey

But I'll remember you
I'll remember you
Yeah, I'll remember you
I'll remember you every day
I'll remember you
Every day

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Written by: Filip Vandueren / Regi Penxten. Isn't this right? Let us know.