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Dr. Jackal & Mr. Hide


on your knees cause you're not wanted,
your life is a chaos and you wonder will it ever end
and all these feelings they're for real keep you down
just the way it's planned out today, today you've lost your way

people grin, behind your back they are talking
they are say you're doing it the wrong way once again
all these relations you believed in seem to brake up
and it drives you crazy

any day you'll feel ok, your shoes will get you anywhere
just be patient cause soon you'll have your fun

staying in, hide away from problems,
imagination's playing games with you again
it's no illusion, it's just confusion
but when the fog's gone you'll come out strong
there's no time to be feeling down

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Written by: Erik / Larzon / Mathias / Nikola / Nikola Sarcevic. Isn't this right? Let us know.