John Lennon said it’s all you need
In theory it’s hard not to agree
But when you look around today
The spirit of 67's long gone away
When you were young you let elders have your seat
You’d say hello to strangers in the street
Everything today has got a prize
But it’s hard to look the beggar in the eyes

Do you still believe in John
Do you still believe in love
Do you still believe in John
Or is it lack of empathy you’re suffering from

Self-centered motivation all around
The holy lord’s ten commandments upside down
Obsessed with buying stuff that you don’t need
In theory it’s hard not to call that greed
The pressure’s on to live a perfect life
With no pressure drop you might live a life in strife

Slow down, you move too fast now
If you want to make the moment last now
We’d all like to admit it’s getting better
But saying that’s like posting a dead letter
It’s still in our hands to change it all around
We need to come around
Before the world gets too upside down… so let’s come around

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