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Friends 'til The End


First words you say in tears
complaining how I'm never near
I know I'm lost sometimes
cause I'm grounded in my mind
it's like this all the time
first I say that you're ok then I go my way
and you're desperate, so desperate when you're down

Here I stand, take my hand
and I'll try to understand you right
the best way I can, cause after all I am your friend

Last words you scream to me
you don't expect too much of me
cause I could give you anything if I just could be myself
It's like that all the time
first I say that you're ok then I my way again
you're so desperate but still mine

Now the girl is working, now the girl feels fine
and I'm the one who feels down
but if she'll be working until the end of time
I hope she'll understand me then, the best way she can
cause after all I'm her friend 'til the end

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Written by: Erik / Larzon / Mathias / Nikola / Nikola Sarcevic. Isn't this right? Let us know.