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Absolute Zero


Design me a drug that will help you to act right.
Just tell me how and you're stuck in the spotlight.
You've gotta learn how to think before you act.
I really need some more distance to react.

Design me a lie that is harmless but still smart.
I'll bet you'll buy it, it will soften your stone heart.
Another stab in the back, but it's allright.
I'm planning my revenge now and it's airtight.

We're falling apart and I'm still dependent.
Pretending we'll remain the same.
Pretending we're still the same.
Pretending we share the blame.

But I know we should swallow our pride
and just try to avoid to collide.
There's nothing to say, I'm here until it's gone.
I'm where I belong now, I'm just hanging on.
I never felt this really, maybe you will.
Understand this life and it's big thrill
There's nothing to lose so come on just admit it.
Surrender yourself or I know you will quit it.
We're one in a hundred,It's over my head now
won't bend under pressure and I can't understand how.

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