I’ve got a friend who will always let me pretend
I am better than what I am, some kind of own personal scam
We got a bond based on an
Addiction that goes beyond
Anything I felt before, there’s
Nothing really else here to care for

I change personality when we’re together, now it’s clear
You make me forget about my problems and all my fears
I’ve got at friend and on him I do depend
I’d guess he’s my best one now
That most of all the others are gone

It’s crazy how far this has gone
Still I just can’t stop right now
I’m too busy focusing on popping the tops tonight
They call him mr. Fake believe
He’s the kind of friend that never wants to leave

A tragedy, condition and disease
He’s got tricks about denial up his sleeve
That’s why they call him mr. Fake believe
The more we’re together the the closer we get it’s true, we do
The first thing I think of when I wake up in shame is you

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