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Chanting deamons danced around your head
Twisted mortals had your soul misled

Oh no! You fool!

Why don't you see it? Why don't you take it?
Why don't you feel it? Why don't you taste it?
Why don't you breath it? Why don't you wear it?
Why don't you reach it? Why don't you swear it?

Unfold the beggar's robe. Behold! The empty tomb all probed

Save me, save me from myself, she whispers
Love me, love me like yourself: redeemer.

Suddenly you're looking at your bride to be
Her eyes keep screaming: Bear with me!
The promise still that you shall see the rising of the sun

Lightened beacons show us all the way
No more reason, we don't need to stay

Oh no! You fool!

The brink of disaster, the face of the master
The sting of the blaster, the light speed or faster

Unleash the holy flood. Behold! The icon stained with blood

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