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Perfect Plan


The smoke lies heavy as we speak
The sound of war is closing in with air so thick
it's hard to breathe
And then the sign: The crimson sun

So may it be! Let it begin
The line of stars bids no further delay
A resurrection of the circle rudely torn apart
Remember mankind when it's done

Tonight I'll be riding with the king
All right, I've been hiding from my sins
Won't you be my blood? Be my perfect plan
If you understood, save me while you can

Inhale the perfume of success
A humble servant's dreams fulfilled
The former winner stands alone
The jester's laughter filled with sorrow

So if they fail to have their vengeance?
And if their system will burn once again?
There'll be no luck involved, it's only by the grace of God
this showdown's outcome breaks the spell

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