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M-O T-H-U-G (Mo' Thug!) It started with the Family Scriptures then we came back with the Family Reunion, we takin' off on The Mothership, that's over with now it's called The Movement

M-O T-H-U-G you know that's who we be, with so much variety; keepin' it crunk, keepin' it crunk so you know you can't run/ This is what it is full of what you been on/ So pump up the volume and let it consume you, so pump up the volume and let it consume you


Ken Dawg
You know the stack, shit you know camp fist comin' out the pyramid/ It's started from The Land introduced to the world in the year 9-6/ Playa hatin' ain't no reason I'm stalkin' my hoes off the rip/ It's a new twist, people lassoed, it's a new list in the bit/ 2002, we on some new shit/ Ken Dawg' steal this hustle mo' blowin' droll/ It's tattooed all on my shoulders, playboy I'm rollin' with Mo' right

Here we go again, it's 2002 you know I'm rollin' with my fam. M-O T-H-U-G's comin' with these hits' damn it's been like two damn years since we last dropped/ Now we back in your face with a single that's hot/ We come to give the streets what it's missin' see and that's hits, mo' hits from my family/ So pump your fist and groove to this or get up and bob your head/ Who say Mo! Thug Records dead?


E Mortal Thugs' PD and Lil' D
That's us, that's it, you guessed it; That Mo' Thug clique/ We flock shots, pack gats, let's make club rock hits (The club rock hits, the mo' cheddar the mo' better it gets/ We climb charts like "Damn, do that even exist?") And don't miss it, the mission; just listen/ The music this new shit we grove with is now called The Movement (You can choose it or lose it cauze you knows we move it/ Precision is the way to get it, yup, that's how we do this) What you do is put your hands up and facts stand up cauze this new weapon thrown is for the damn club (Niggas in line, want to push and shove/ They came to see the thugs rip it up and show 'em love now give it up, what?) That's right, we back man/ Now capture the track, dance, don't get stuck and glance just wave your hands (From side to side like that man/ We comin' back with a vengeance so pretenders, no need for askin' what?)


DJ Skail
Nigga this The Movement, ain't nothin' to it but to do it out here, prove it/ I'll crack your skull and leave you layin' with a contusion cauze I'm just coolin' with my family makin' music that's how we movin' uh/ Lyrics keep on flippin' just like a freestyle and we gon' keep on rippin' and shit gon' be wild/ Mo' Thugs all up in your club up bumpin' your system and them ballers bendin' corners on dubs, what?

E Mortal Thugs' Studeez
It's the M-O T-H-U-G, ya'll niggas know your nigga Studeze/ Original member from the group E-M-T in the club, poppin bottles with everybody/ Now Part 3 and 4 we back at you ho's you niggas don't know we're back and we stroll/ It's like "Whoa" when we pull up in 3 Benz and a Lex in full effect highly infected of the information cauze uh… What was you thinkin' Mo' wasn't gonna represent Cleveland? Haters belly achin' and bleedin' preachin' shit is misleadin' thugs made it come up from they creepin' got chickas leavin' they home/ Thinkin' Thin gon' give up they thong/ Mo' to the Bone

Thin C
When you slide on the pole, Shorty shake it for me/ Come out your clothes for your nigga Thin C/ When you're ready to roll baby your going with me/ Checkin' for Mo' keep it T-H-U-G


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Written by: DJ Skail / E Mortal Thugs / Felecia / Ken Dawg / Skant Bone / Thin C. Isn't this right? Let us know.