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Everything To Me


Boy if you ever left my,
my side,
it'd be like taking the sun from
the sky
i'd probably die without
you in
my life
Cause I need you to
shine, shine
your light

you're everything to me, heey
the air that i breathe, oohhh
I sigh so I see, oh lord
you're everything to me

i cant repay you for all that you've done
always come first and second to none
all that you've given me is equal to ten
my peace, my joy
you are my
my strength ooohhhh

you're everything to me, whoa
the air that i breathe, ooooohhh
I sigh so I see, ohhh that
you're everything to me

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Written by: Cainon Lamb / Clarence McDonald / Fritz Baskett / Jazmine Sullivan / June Deniece Williams / Missy Elliott · This isn't the songwriter? Let us know.
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