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Anything And Everything

Montell Jordan

Another, another, another, another
Another number one hit
So get your groove on

Another number one hit
So get your groove on

Ah, anything I want boy
Ah, anything I need boy
Ah, anything I want boy

Another number one hit
So get your groove on

They say that money can't buy me love
But they don't know this Tenderoni
That I speaking of
She's so fly from her head to her toes
And I suppose
That's why I'm tricking off my dough

1 - So if it's diamonds she wants, then I'll
I'll dig into a mine and search until I find
If it's a fur that she needs to keep warm
Then I'll wrestle a bear to keep her lovin' right here

2 - Anything she wants, everything she gets
She wants it all the time
So I'll provide and buy
Anything she wants and everything she gets
Cuz all her love is mine
When she's satisfied

Anything I want boy
Ooh, that's what she said to me
She's a material girl
But that don't bother me
Check books, credit cards, American Express
Financially I'm twisted and addicted, I confess

Repeat 1

Repeat 2

Yo, yo
Hey yo, son I ain't trickin' off, bitch better trick me
Serving grade AD to A and TNC
Something like AK Nell
Better fuck me for free
Cuz when trickin'
I do stickin' like IV's
I told Montell spend your money like your ***
If she yells Cristal
Give her double duces
If she wants a mink
Get her ass a goose
She was shady before ya
dropped "This is How We Do It"
Now my MO
Hydro with a bimbo
Da' CoCo got her Cabana's
Out da' window
I get deep like I stuck my feet in slow
You jump out of bed
Boggling, screaming timbo
When a broad want ice
Give her ass a ice pick
And then dismiss like Vibe did Chris
(But diamonds are a girl's best friend)
Yeah, yeah mine too
That's why the 44 cocked right behind you

Repeat 1

Repeat 1

I'll get your hair, nails, and toes done
I'll trick off all my dough
To let you know that you're the one
You'll like the car you drive
The clothese I buy
Cuz you're so fly
Tell me baby... Can Montell provide????

Repeat 1 until fade

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Written by: Montell Jordan / Reggie Noble / Shep Crawford. Isn't this right? Let us know.