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Do You Remember? (Once Upon A Time Remix)

Montell Jordan

This is a special song for you shorty
Cause I think you forgot how we started out
And I'm about to take you way back
To our once upon a time
(Once upon a time, oh)
(Once upon a time)
Do you remember how we used to look at each other?
(Once upon a time)
Talk to each other, psh I remember

Now it seems to me
You're living in a dream world, fantasy
In love with a nigga that can never be
What I can be
(Ya think ya ballin' now)
But do you recall?
Us bus riding, window shopping at the mall
We were broke as a nigga but we had it all
We had it all
I'm here to remind you of our

1 - Once upon a time, oh
Once upon a time
Once upon a time, say
(Once upon a time)
Oh say
(I remember when)
Once upon a time, oh
(You came into my life)
Once upon a time
(Making love all night)
Once upon a time, oh
(Once upon a time)
As time goes on

Now we made some dough
But separate not together
Like we planned it all
Somehow it all became what is mine's is mine
What's yours is yours
What the hell were we thinking?
If I could read your mind
I'd reach into your heart and soul
To try to find the love that was missing
Left so far behind, so far behind
I'm here to remind you of our

Repeat 1

Take it to the bridge now
Oh, oh, oh
(Once upon a time)
Hold on, hold on baby
And do you remember
Running up your mama's phone bill baby
Didn't wanna hang up for nothing
And it's a quarter to three
Kept on talking for hours
Till we both fell asleep

Once upon a time, oh
(Just think about it, think about it)
Once upon a time
Once upon a time, oh
(I'm gon take you back right now)
(To the bus pass days)
(Now do you remember?)
Once upon a time
(Standing on the bus stop with me baby)
Once upon a time, oh
(We had no fancy cars and no diamond rings)
Once upon a time
(No credit cards, no bling, bling)

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