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Get It On Tonight

Montell Jordan

When I'm looking at you, I keep thinkin'
Why can't she be like you
So I'm schemin
I can't go through like this, believin that her love is true
Standing on the dance floor, while she trickin'
You are all I want girl, she's a chicken
We might be together, but love is missin
Girl I want you, So what can we do?

Girl, if its all right
Let's go somewhere and get it on tonite
I've got a girl but you look good tonite
It's one on one tonight, tonite
Girl if it's allright let's go somewhere and get it on tonite
you shouldn't have to be alone tonite
It's one on one tonight, tonite
Verse 2
Now she's lookin' at me, but keep talkin'
Oh, now she's tryin' to ice you, lets start walkin'
Over on the dance floor, it's her fault
But what can she do? Tell me baby

B Section
MJ: Girl,If your ready
Girl: I'm ready
MJ: We can get it on
Girl: We can get it on
MJ: I know where I went wrong
Girl: She's where you went wrong
MJ: With you is where I belong

Girl, if I could find the words to say
I've gotta get away, from a love
That kills me everyday, I'd gladly say to you


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Written by: Antoine Lavar Wilson / Brian Palmer / Darren Benbow / Montell Jordan / Juergen S. Korduletsch / Jörg Evers. Isn't this right? Let us know.