Talking 'bout you and me
Is nothing short of a jubilee
Everything you gave to me is mine
Things I didn't quite demand
Now I finally understand
This I'll say until the day I die
Leaving flowers at my doorstep
Dropping notes in the mail

Persistence must be pumping in your veins
Telling friends that you love me
Showing up at everything
Funny how I do not feel the same

Oh but it's too late baby
You used to leave me hanging
kept me waiting by the phone.
And how I love to see you aching,
breaking, beat up, shaken, sorry blubbering heart

Used to be you and me
Sitting underneath the tree
Everything was fine as I could see
Teasing me with your rhymes
Watching other girls go by

Think I'm blind? "oh honey, no not me!"
I would sit by the window
Waiting for you to call
Fireflies were dancing in the trees.
Sweety pies from another places
Giving them all your love
How did you ever find the time for me?

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