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Looking back on places i've been to,
Funny how it seems how i must travel,
And park in towns with roadside dinners,
And farmers who watchs satilite tv.

Nebraska town,
I met a lady, her name is marge and she sells antiques.
And she says " it's lovely weather"
But i thinnk that she just want to talk to me.
I believe.
It is simple to be...

Lets go out,
And drive together
We'll drive and drive,
And we'll drive all night.
Spit sunflower seeds out the window,
And sing the best songs from the jackson 5.
I believe....
It is simple just being free!

I've been across this country about dozen times,
I've seen it all,
Heck i've been there before.
I've hiked on the backlands,
And seen the corner palace,
And when we were good, we stopped at a prarie dog town
Now i know it's simple because i've seen it
Oh my eyes have seen the glory, of american
Magnificents and so divine
I've read all about its peaople,
Who built this steady nation,
Creating what could very possibly me mine.
I is so simple to be free!
Oh and i believe,i know it is,
Oh and i believe it is
( repeats )
I believe it is so simple to be free,
I believe it is....

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