Photo of the artist Morrissey

I Am Not a Dog on a Chain


I am not a dog on a chain
I use my own brain
I can turn the conversation off
I'm too clever to be robbed
I am not a dog on a chain
Thanks all the same
I have patience and I have time
Both of which are mine

I hear a call
I hear a cry
I raise my voice
I have no choice
I raise my hand
I hammer twice
I see no point in being nice

I am not a dog on a chain
I use my own brain
I do not read newspapers
They are troublemakers
Listen out for what's not shown to you
And there you find the truth
For in a civilized and careful way
They'll sculpture all your views

So open up your nervous mouth and
Feel the words come streaming out
In volume, pitch and rising cries
Opening your blinkered eyes
For otherwise you'll never know who you are
Or all that you can do
If you want to, if you want to, if you want to

I am not a dog on a chain
You've got to be insane
One is company and two is a crowd
And crowds are loud

Or maybe I'll be skinned alive
By canada goose
Because of my views
Because of the truth
Because of my fleece
Because of my niece
Like drinking ink
The words explode
Fattening fists
Louder than blows
The dead are dead
Ice cold and hard to
Where they can't be overcharged
They have no breath
They have no eyes
At least they won't be going twice

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