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Close To You

Mr. President

Waking up this morning
Your scent is in the air
I've been trying to
grasp it
That we've gone our seperate ways
I'm standing at the window

Searching for mistakes
Why you have left me?
Things will happen

But I can't confess
To describe my conditions
To recognize my
I promise you to change it
My morbid jealousy
Give me one
more chance

I wanna be close to you, baby
I wanna be near to you
I wanna be next to you, baby
I wanna be close to you tonight

If I have one more chance
To prove my love to you
I will do
it right this time
Together we'll make it through
Don't do the silly
Don't make the same mistakes
That I made years ago

You said that you need me but you used to use me
So now your
time is up you're cryin' how you miss me
I remember the time when you used
to be my cutey
Every single head turn 'cos girl you were my beauty
would do everything to keep my baby from harm
I would cuddle up at night
and keep little toes warm
You said my love was too strong and get it

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