There'll be spectacle
There'll be fantasy
There'll be derring do
And stuff like you would never see
Hey! A movie!
Yeah! We're gonna be movie
Starring everybody
- And me

There'll be heroes bold
There'll be comedy
And a lot of fuss
That ends for us real happily
Hey! A movie!
We can watch it all develop
Starring everybody
- And me

We'll take a world
And set it on its ear
Come on join in
We're gonna start right here

There'll be crooks and cops
There'll be villainy
But with us on call
We'll fix it all real easily
Hey! A movie!
Wow! It's gonna be terrific
Starring everybody
- And me!

There'll be mystery
And catastrophe
But it's all in fun
You paid the money wait and see
Hey! A movie!

Sweetums: Is there any way to stop it!?

Starring everybody
- And me!


"Finale: Hey, A Movie!"

Pops: We had comedy
Scooter: We had mystery
Fozzie: Had a real good time and solved the crime real easily
All: Hey a movie!
Statler &
Waldorf: I just can't believe they did it!
All: Starring ev'rybody
Beauregard: And me
Kermit: There was spectacle
Piggy: There was fantasy
Kermit: Where we took a chance
Piggy: And saw romance end happily
Kermit: In a movie
Piggy: Oh, Kermie
Rowlf: I just love a happy ending
Kermit: One for everybody
Piggy: Everybody
Rowlf: Everybody
All: Everybody
Gonzo: Everybody
All: Everybody in the world
And me!
Pops: And me!
Janice: And me!
Rizzo: And me!
Beaker: Mee Me!
Animal: AND ME!
Sam: And me.
Scooter: And me!
Lew: And me!
Rowlf: And me!
Chef: Mnd me!
Zoot: And me!
Floyd: And me!
Dr. Teeth: And me!
Fozzie: And me! Aaaaaaahhhhh!

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