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Fuck you, a motto for life
It pretty much sums up my attitude, it sums up how I feel
You think you can fuck me over? I guess you got this coming
I won't let you get away with thinking I can be screwed

Do you understand the words I speak to you?
Look me in the eyes and tell me this is through
Can you see the truth in me when I say it's coming back?
You had best prepare yourself now I'm on the attack

It's true, you lying son of a bitch
You've been living dangerously in a house of flying knives
Look over your shoulder, believe me it is coming
Maybe it is not today, but yeah, you'll get yours

Can you understand hell is after you?
Gaze into my eyes and know this shit is true
I'll hunt you down, running coward, dogshit that you are
Following your trail of lies I guess you can't run far

Go... Don't you see? Is it a slap on the wrists?
Do you think that's all it'll be?
You had best watch yourself cause I'm always two steps ahead
Just when you think you're safe, you're gunna end up dead!

Now... It's gotta break. This friendship... I know it's fake
Keep your friends close, but your enemies by your side
Their guard drops for just one second and then it's their time to die

Take my... time
Patience is a virtue in the game of revenge
End your... life
Manipulated, fuck you over now die!

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