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Meu Refrigerador Não Funciona

Os Mutantes

O que que houve?
I feel good
I feel lite
Now, you know that I'm no good alone
No good alone I miss you
Baby, tell me, baby
Say you do, baby
I know one thing you don't
Try my honey
Try to get someone lovin', baby
Try me late tonight
Don't say, "May be tonight, yeah"
Try everything you want
Bu try me baby
I feel good
I feel lite, baby
Singing our song
Try my honey
I miss you
Don't wanna be alone
Come soon, baby
You gotta give someone love

O meu refrigerador não funciona
Eu tentei tudo
Eu tentei de tudo
Não funciona
Não, não, não
O meu, o meu
O meu refrigerador não funciona

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Written by: Arnaldo Baptista / Rita Lee / Sergio Dias. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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