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Alabama Soft Spoken Blues

Nanci Griffith

Southern man, you sure are pretty,
Got a smile to still the city
And Lord, you know, you got those sleepy eyes
Alabama sweet-talking baby
Calmed the heart of a lonely lady
You kept me flying high
And the leaving easy
And it's Dallas in the rain
And I was dreaming.

October winds still blowing, Lord
You know the song were flowing
From a broken-hearted lady by the wayside
Listen to my song
You kept it ringing clean and strong
You held me like an angel to confide in
And I tried to make you home
But I was dreaming.

Lord, I guess you just ain't home
That damned old telephone
Is trying hard to help me find the lines here
Wish that you could understand
Why I love the other man
He gives me truth and reason,
I believe in.

Alabama soft-spoken blues again
Alabama soft-spoken blues again,
Early morning fog is rolling in,
Time for leaving.

Alabama soft-spoken blues.

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Written by: Maggie Graham / Nanci Griffith. Isn't this right? Let us know.