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Anyone Can Be Somebody's Fool

Nanci Griffith

You can cuss the daylights outta this pale winter moon
We could ponder every reason why your true love was untrue
You can cry your eyes out cuz I've got a shoulder here for you
But, everyday your broken heart is gonna turn a lighter shade of blue

Oh, anyone can be somebody's fool
Just look at me ... I once was a fool for you
So you know it's true
Anyone can be somebody's fool

Out in this lonely town there is a lovely silver frost
So, we could stop and have another round for this true love you've lost
It's gonna take a little time before your emptiness grows old
But, underneath the silver frost ... you've still got a heart of gold


Hey, when this winter's over
You're gonna walk knee deep in clover
You know your heart will 'round the corner
And you're gonna feel brand new


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