The spirit led me here
Straight away to this wilderness
God has made it clear
This is I where I must face my test
And I have had no food
For forty days I have had no bread
And in this solitude
I am hungry but being fed
Living by what God said
Still there's this feeling of dread
Like there's someone in my head

I'm the watcher of the red skies
And the thunder that rolls
I'm the darker side of midnight
I'll devour you whole
Jesus, I've come for your soul!
If you truly are Messiah
Turn these stones into bread

You are Satan, you're a liar
I believe what God said
You're only king of the dead

If you are the Son
If you are the Word
Cast yourself down
You will not be hurt
Surely the Son has all authority
All of the seas
And all of the shores
All that ya see
It all can be yours
If you will just bow down and worship me
Bow down and worship me!

It is written in the book
You shall not tempt your God
And I don't believe a word you say
You're a fake and a fraud
I only serve the one true God
And He's the one who sent me
As Adam failed I will succeed
And nothing here can tempt me
Nothing here can tempt me!

Lies, lies everyone lies to me!
See how everyone tries to be safe
But they'll never escape from my snare
You can't sever your ties to me
You will fall and your fall will be great
Just turn to me it's never too late

I am God's only Son
A new day has just begun
I'm sending you on the run!

I'm the watcher of the red skies
The Father of crime
You've eluded me this time
But the masses are mine
I'll battle you for all time
All of the seas and all of the shores
All that ya see it still could be yours
If you'll just bow down and worship me
And I will be there when you come to save
Sending sad souls to their spiritual grave
Now that the world of men belongs to me

Satan, be gone
I know I am the Son
I will worship my God
And no other shall harm me
I'll deliver all men
Bring freedom again
I will 'cause them to live
And you will not prevent me
You're the Father of lies
You bring death and not life
I will bring them to life
Satan, be gone

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