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Letter To The Censors

Mano Negra

Daddy's a mother fucker
& mummy turns tricks
Your sister is a brother
& your brother's suckin' dicks

I'm walkin' on the
Railroad tracks

Your sister had the blueballs
Your daddy had the pox
Your mummy had the singles
All around her bloody cock

I'm walking on the
Railroad tracks.
This is a letter
To the censors


Wapadoo wapadoo
Wapadoo hoohoo!
Wapadoo hoohoo!

Your father is a panzy
Your mother was no cherry
Oh lord how could it be
Such a beautiful baby?

Your daddy's way to the top
Such a pratical cop
Your mummy was a stoolie
One day she'll be shot

You're walkin' on the
Railroad tracks

I'm walkin' on the
Railroad tracks

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