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Kites (feat. Kendrick Lamar & M.I.A.)


[A$AP Rocky]
On my young niggas, on my done nigga
On my young one, on my done one
One time!

Ay, oh-ay, ay-ay-ah
Ay, oh-ay, ay-ay-ah
Ay, oh-ay, ay-ay-ah
Ay, oh-ay, ay-ay-ah
Ay, floatation device
Ay, elevate your life
Ay, we with ceiling lights
Ay, sipping from the kite

We in love at the rally
Thought they had to add the clothes
Tonight we unify society
All my sisters and my bros
Against the wind, they gon' shoot us
Regardless which way it blows
In the moon like we're Venus
Kites like UFOs
Nigga hold a door
What you tryna' to close it for?
Nigga hold a door
There's room for some many more

Wake up in the morning, don't know if you're coming back
When we do the [?] we make 60 'til it's done
Everybody need space, okay
If you got the light inside, you know you need to blah!
If you want to shine way out!
If you want to shine way out!
Way, way, way out!
If you want to bring the day out

[Kendrick Lamar & Pharrell]
Kites on my radar, life in my palms
We unite through the chaos (only for the purist)
Tell them to obey ours
My cerebellum threw a rebellion from AR's (room for the boom stick)
The day I have a J.R., I tell him the worth of God only
And quit his day job (motherfuck the bullshit)
Radio never play ours
This revolution ain't televised with prayer, jumping over borders
Ain't no ruler for restrictions, ain't no police to deport us
Ain't no summers for our sons, ain't no dealings for our daughters
Every prosecution hung, save the verdict for the lawyers
Illuminate the corner, celebrate humanity scream and back at me in the morning
Every field in Mississippi, every street in California
Know the devil is a liar, it's the time to be anointed
Truck into a stream, disconnected to a dream
Head bussin', hittin' nothing, even if I gotta bleed
Sittin' waiting patient for a universal pain
Politicking with the nation, this is big as you and me huh?
I let you find my contacts, okay
Tryna set us off for combat, no way
Waking up the spirit it's on every human being
If you with us, then you scream, so one day you can shine way out!
Me, I'm way, way out

[Pharrell & M.I.A.]
Way, way, way out
Hey, hey
Bring the fucking crayon
Hey, hey

The girls in here are the humblest
We drink out our plastic tumblers
While you see us on Tumblrs
We wanna get a job as a baroness
They don't want no god damn foreigners!
Say "hey, you, you wanna marry us?"
Carriers the cross, they carry us
I wanna get high cause I'm curious
I'm serious, I hope you are feeling us
I'm paying all these with periods
With mobiles are running delirious
It's our dream, out of this radius
I'm letting off kites over barriers
I'm letting off kites over barriers
I'm letting off kites over barriers
I'm letting off kites over barriers
I'm letting off kites over barriers

There's room for so many more

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Written by: Chad Hugo / Kendrick Lamar / M.I.A. / Pharrell Williams / Shay Haley. Isn't this right? Let us know.


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