Round And Round

New Order

I just can't help thinking
What you've done to me
You built a wall of love
And tore it right down In front of me
And you think you know what's going on
You keep telling me that I am wrong
I don't care about what you do
'Cause if you mess with me
I'll get rid of you

The picture you see is no portrait of me
It's too real to be shown to someone I don't know
And it's driving me wild
It makes me act like a child

You think I am crazy, but what can I do
You waste your time, like my money
It ain't so funny, but it's true
(Don't waste my money, baby)
Now you can't tell me
what's going on
And that I am weak while you are strong
What is it you need,
that makes your heart bleed
Do you really know? 'Cause it doesn't show

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