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Just Like Christopher Colombus


I watch you come out of nowhere, your three ships and yourhunch
You take my hand and kiss it then you ask me out for lunch
You say I'd be all right with just a little pain
But sweetheart, everyone around me ends up going insane.
And you start by saying don't let my bunch get you down
Just like Christopher Columbus, you don't know what you'vefound.

You know, it may not be that bad,
it's part and parcel of this brave new game
The more you try to find yourself the more you are the same
So please don't leave me out in the cold
Don't let me die alone, don't let me die old
It may be time to swim for my life while so may others drown
And did Christopher Columbus get rich from what he found?

I'm driving down that same old road, I'm finding nothing new
But every road I take seems to bring me back to you
So now it's time for me to choose
"Cause the rules of this game are use or lose
So I will wait for you to tell me where I'm bound
I'll be like Christopher Columbus who lost what he found.

By Nerissa Nields
©1992 Peter Quince Productions

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