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Full Midwestern Moon


Why am I crying for you?
You're the one who feeds me with empty hands
When I try to find my way back you won't let me go
But what I feel is not what you intend

Why am I waiting for you?
You're the one who's locked in empty rooms
When I try to find the key you go out the window
Leaving me with a mattress and a clue

But I hear my name in your song tonight
You listen to my voice when I'm not there
You say you will find me soon
The way I was beneath the full midwestern moon

And in a winter's garden far away
They trim the blooms to make sure they will stay
The way they were beneath the full midwestern moon

Why are you smiling again?
What are you hiding behind that grin?
We catch each other with cameras trying to find out
What it is that keeps us from getting in.

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