Photo of the artist Nina Hagen

Auf'm Friedhof (translation)

Nina Hagen

Little Vampire!
The two of us lie in the cemetery quite still
In the quiet there's no religion, and no pill
And we bite into white throats 'til they're dry

Blood blood blood
Blood is good

Death death death (I don't want to die)
Death must come

Peace peace peace
peace in our tomb

Here is Nina!

Little vampire
We're happy in our cemetery, we're happy
My skeleton's so sexy when I strip, what a skeleton!

The devil comes, he helps us and tells us:

God is dead
The Lord is gone
God is dead
The Lord is gone
Oh yeah


(It's not I, but the Devil, who thinks God is dead)
(P.S. It's not I, but the Devil who SAYS God is dead!)

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