A Sylph Lost In A Sullen Slumber

Nox Intempesta

As the ultimate silence reached the dim woods,
Somewhere in the north of Tyskland and the moon glew red
As wine at the firmament of sorrow, I began my search...

In my inner thoughts I dwelled for a while until this mournful winter,
Where I perceived the change in the constellation of the stars (der kaiser erwachte)
And the howling of the wolves, through the almighty forests I wandered
To the palace of my desire and for years roved through cold dungeons and crypts,
When suddenly I realized the spirit I searched

So I spoke the words with an impetuous tongue,
I hunger for your wisdom little sylph, but you could no longer hoodwink me,
I know your mystery, it is mine, your spirit is mine,
I am one with you in this everlasting darkness and will be one with your forever...

Oh... my triumph is more than legendary, even in this world never seen by mortals,
And now, I am taking over your astral spirit, because I

Seien diese momente immerwerend...
Seien diese momente immerwerend unter dem antlitz
Des oh so prachtvollen rotten hexennagels,
Because in fact I am a sylph,
Lost in a sullen slumber...
Until the end of time...

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