Untrodden Shall Be The Path To The Marble Planets

Nox Intempesta

On untrodden paths I wander
Delightfully supreme the Neptune water rains

Am I the chosen redeemer???
On planets unknown to any kind of race
Like marble in their consistence, not wither than light

But slumbered since the creation of time,
Awakened now, blossomed up as divine grace

This grace-redder than the wine of damnation

"Und wie der kelch rinnender unsterblichkeit
Sprie゚t in verdamnis die dornenkrone des genagelten
Auf ewig fort in qualen jenseits goettlicher grazie..."

On untrodden paths I wander,
Delightfully supreme the Neptune water rains
And on butterfly wings I slumbered
And bathed in the shine of its marble grace...

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