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Towards tragedy and dissolution
Taught bitter lessons of the inevitable end
Exorcism of all hope and illusion
The absence of will and the voluntary self-abandonment

Broke every phantasm of prosperous life to wander aimlessly
In the delirium of the downfall tragedy
The sole experience of his cataclysm fantasy
Demands your escape from this disruptive absurdity

Disintegrate the absurd urge to live
And listen to the song of the transitory
A shattered existence - nothing more to give
Forced to dwell in this non-essential purgatory

The implacable consequence of this lucid negativism
That haunting void within my mind
Absorption in negativity - concentration on pessimism
A heart filled with autumnal dreams so unkind

Experience the liberating resignation
A veil of horror, fear, and darkening of the soul
The ultimate fall into oblivion and isolation
Death mercifully extinguishes my life so foul

There is no beyond
The dried-up tree is dead forever
The frozen bird does not come back to life
Nor does a man after he has died

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