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Hopeless a body starts to fail
Memories fade but scars still remain
Through dark nights of struggle, time, decay
Cosmological letdown
Irresistible, negative sway

Evoke the spectres of a black night
A downhearted asylum devoid of light
When all hope is in vain
Dolorous mysteries
Fathomless pain

Amidst the soundless solitudes immense
This oppressing silence which benumbs my sense
Wrapped in my own nighted doom
That yawns with abysmal gloom

Illuminated bitter visions of illusion
Lost myself
Gone too far in self-confusion
I am about to follow my last track
I failed: My spark of hope is black.

Vanquished on the field of life for the end I yearn
The spark is quenched nor ever more will burn

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